JOHNSON CITY, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) Get a sneak peak of Johnson City’s new Village offices that will officially open and begin operations in the next week.

In 2018, the Village of Johnson City started looking for a new location to move its offices, and in 2020, discovered 60 Lester Avenue.

The project is winding is, as employees will start moving in and getting situated some point next week. In the interim, the J.C. Village Hall will be closed from the 14th to the 18th and will reopen on the 21st of August at the new offices.

The Director of Public Services, Joshua Holland says that the village saw the opportunity to consolidate and took it.

“This central location in town, there’s two really large buildings here that really bode well to what our operation. And there was also the opportunity to move the village hall operations from Main Street as well and kind of consolidate everything,” said Holland.

The new facility includes two garages, one 20,000 square feet and the other 30,000, in which the DPW and Parks departments will operate out of.

Holland says that the new facility quadruples the village’s previous footprint. He says regarding the office space on Main Street, the village intends on selling the property, and there are already three interested buyers.