BINGHAMTON, NY – Some people’s new year’s resolution is to go to the gym, while others may be focusing on decluttering their house or a messy room they’re tired of looking at.

January is Get Organized Month, otherwise known as ‘GO’ Month.

We spoke with Chris Wurth, owner of Decluttering Chaos about some tips and tricks to help organize a room or a house.

The first thing Wurth likes to do is take a garbage bag and go clockwise around one room at a time and throw away any garbage.

From there, circle around again but this time go through every drawer or cabinet in the room and start making keep and throw away piles.

“Once they start, I promise they will feel better and sometimes it’s a long process because of the emotions involved in what you’re finding with a lot of things, but at the end you’ll feel so much better,” says Wurth.

Wurth says she usually works 1 on 1 with home owners, but she’s also worked with hoarders and businesses.

She adds that decluttering and organizing places is something she’s always loved doing, so she’s happy to help anyone out.

A typical session is about 4 hours, but it can be longer.

o learn more about what she offers, go to