BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Democrat Jamie Cheney, a Hudson Valley farmer, mother and small business owner, made another visit to our area recently in order to learn more about Binghamton University’s impact on our community.

In particular, she was learning more about the college’s Community Schools Initiative which provides opportunities for B-U students to volunteer and intern with students from local K-12 schools.

Cheney says the university also plays a significant role in economic development through the assistance it provides local start-ups as well as those ready to take the second step.

She says with people and companies fleeing large metropolitan areas due to the pandemic, Greater Binghamton could position itself as an accelerator hub, where start-ups set up shop once they’ve left an incubator.

“Where they still have the university intellectual environment, some of the opportunities that the university might offer, but quite frankly, like where we sit right now, a farm down the road where they take their children on the weekends, where people are aware of open space,” said Cheney. “So, I see Binghamton as having the potential to be one giant accelerator environment. And I think there’s a lot we can do to steer it in that direction.”

Cheney says she favors federal tax incentives for companies that locate in less densely populated areas.
While in town recently, Cheney also met with the Young Democrats of Broome County.

She says she plans to open a campaign office in either Binghamton or Ithaca soon to direct operations in the western portion of the new district.

The new 19th will stretch further west to include Broome County’s urban core and will stretch up to include Ithaca.

Cheney will face Josh Riley, an Endicott native now living in Ithaca, in the Democratic primary in August. Neither, however, is running for the special election in August to complete the term of Antonio Delgado in the old 19th.