BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton’s newest hockey team, the Black Bears have announced their head coach.

Team owner Andreas Johansson says that he wanted a coach that would ensure that the team would come out of the gate really strong and competitive.

After going through a large applicant pool and many interviews, James Henry was selected as the team’s first coach.

He is excited for this opportunity and sees it as a great starting point for his career.

“Yeah it’s exciting, it’s an honor. Like I said previously, Binghamton has a great history of professional hockey, and hopefully we can continue that,” says Henry.

Henry says it’s a great opportunity coaching a new team where he can run things the way he wants.

He hopes to have well rounded players, and structure, while also being creative and entertaining to the community.

To catch Coach Henry and the Black Bears in action, you can purchase season tickets by calling 238-3368, or visiting