BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – As the conflict in Israel continues, the City of Binghamton held a flag raising to stand in solidarity with Jewish communities around the world.

Mayor Jared Kraham and other elected officials joined members of the local Jewish community this morning to raise the Israeli flag above City Hall.

Kraham says that since the Hamas attacks, the city has bolstered security and patrols near Jewish places of worship and sensitive areas.

Local Rabbi Levi Slonim says that tomorrow, members of Binghamton University’s Jewish community, parents, and alumni are taking a plane out of New York City and flying to Israel with bags of donated items to support civilians and soldiers.

“But what each and every one of us can do and anyone listening to this is, we have our power that we can do to bring more light into this world. More goodness into this world. Increase in mitzvahs and good deeds, that’s the mission of our trip to Israel tomorrow and that’s something that we should all remember,” said Slonim.

Slonim shared his appreciation of the city and Broome County for standing alongside the Jewish community.

As the Israeli flag was being raised, people sang the Israeli national anthem.