Interview stress


The best way to combat interview stress is to be fully prepared. Do your homework on the company before you go. Next, make a list of your good points, as if you were a product you were trying to sell. For practical purposes, you are. Have answers ready for typical questions they might ask. Be sure to look your best and always allow an extra 30 minutes to get there. Beyond normal jitters, there are other situations that can add to interview stress. Most arise by accident, though on rare occasion, they may be deliberately staged. For example, if the interviewer seats you so that the sun is in your eyes. The best approach is just to ask if you might move. The same goes for being seated in a wobbly chair. If there’s no other chair in the room, then simply position your weight so the chair doesn’t move. If you’re offered food without a plate, decline politely. You may encounter frequent interruptions by phone. Don’t let your irritation show. Or perhaps you’ll experience the silent treatment, where the interviewer suddenly stops asking questions. Don’t be tempted to fill the silence with just any remark. Add something to an earlier point, or have a good question ready of your own.

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