Interview grooming


Good grooming, along with the way you’re dressed, is crucial to presenting a professional image…and landing the job you want. Unless modeling is your vocation, no one expects you to look like a model, but everyone can certainly be well groomed. That means being neat from head to toe. Keep your hair clean, and if you dye it, make sure the color looks natural. Also, avoid extreme styles. On a man, long hair will generally hurt your chances, except in a few artistic fields. Ladies are advised to show restraint with makeup and hair spray. Go for a polished, professional look, without being overdone. Always brush your teeth before an interview; use mouthwash if necessary. While a hint of cologne or powder is okay, never make the mistake of applying too much. Most people find strong cologne offensive, especially in the summer. Take care of your skin, and do your best to promote a healthy complexion. Finally, don’t overlook the benefits of exercise and a good night’s sleep. Both will help you look fresh and rested for your interview.

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