BINGHAMTON, NY – Thanks to a collaboration with 2 organizations, families can spend the day driving around and visiting artwork they might have never seen before.

The Department of Public Art and Broome County Planning just launched an interactive Public Art Directory online.

This map allows users to plan their route and browse public art.

Peg Johnston is with the Department of Public Art and she says there are dozens of murals scattered throughout Broome County.

Johnston also mentions why she thinks it’s important for people to know what artwork is around the County.

“Well our view has always been that when people see a mural, and it’s kind of a little delight, it just really says them- creative people live here, I want to be here. So, it’s really community building in our view,” says Johnston.

On the directory, you’ll be able to see who painted it and why they painted it, along with a way to get in contact with the artist.

This past Sunday was the launch and anyone that tuned in got to watch live mural paintings on utility boxes in Johnson City.

Anyone interested can visit GoBroomeCounty/planning/art.