TOWN OF DICKINSON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – It’s apple season in Upstate New York and today’s In the Kitchen with CCE segment shows us how to use apples for a meal rather than just a snack or dessert.

Nutrition Educator Ann Supa is preparing a Savory Stuffed Apple.

This play on stuffed peppers uses mild Italian sausage, brown rice, celery, onions, mushrooms and fresh sage for the stuffing.

Supa says that despite a severe late spring frost that damaged a lot of this year’s crop, there are still apples available at various you-pick orchards in our area. She says apples are high in fiber and antioxidants as well vitamins A and C.

Supa says different types of apples are better for different uses.

“If you want to do baking, try a honey crisp. Honey crisps are great for baking along with a Granny Smith. Those two are my favorites, and Empires, to go to. You always have to try the new varieties. There are new varieties of apples coming out every year so you might find a new favorite,” said Supa.

Supa says apples should be stored in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer or in a brown paper bag in the basement, not in a sealed plastic bag.

Watch the full version below: