TOWN OF DICKINSON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Today, Nutrition Educator Kathleen Cook is preparing a kale, quinoa, melon salad.

This month’s featured ingredient is kale, which is available year-round at the Farmers Market. Cook says the salad is very hearty and quick and easy to prepare. It also contains chickpeas, green onions, parsley and goat cheese and is coated with a vinaigrette made from oil, apple cider vinegar, honey and Dijon mustard.

Cook says kale is a super food with antioxidants that fight cancer and are good for the eyes.

“Over the past few years, especially we’ve found nutrition-wise that dark leafy greens are really, really important for us. They have vitamin C and A and fiber and folate. These are all vitamins that are necessary for good health,” said Cook.

Cook says people who think they don’t like kale should try other recipes. She says acid-based dressings with vinegar or citrus juice can help to soften and break down the leaves which should be de-stemmed and chopped into small pieces.

Cook also recommends trying kale in soups, stir-frys, smoothies and even baked into chips.