Immunocompromised population still seeking answers about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility


BINGHAMTON, NY – Among those frustrated with the slow pace of the coronavirus vaccine rollout, people with underlying medical conditions are desperately seeking answers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention placed the immunocompromised in the 1-C priority group along with those 65 and older and essential workers who are not on the frontlines.

However, the CDC has yet to release guidance on what specifically constitutes immunocompromised.

As a result, when New York recently opened vaccine eligibility to those 65 and older, it did not also include people with weakened immune systems.

That has lead some people to frantically seek answers from healthcare workers and government officials, including Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo whose office has been inundated with inquiries.

“They simply want to know what to expect. ‘Just give it to me straight. Let me know when I can expect to get in this queue and how I might be able to get my appointment. And if I know that it’s going to be a month or 2 months, fine.’ But to open it up in the way that it’s been done has just set up what can only be described as a Hunger Games approach,” says Lupardo.

Lupardo blames the Trump administration for failing to better organize the vaccine rollout.

She’s hopeful that the CDC, under President Biden’s leadership, will soon provide the necessary guidance.

Lupardo says that in retrospect, it was a mistake for New York to lower the eligibility age to 65 when it did given that 7 million New Yorkers are now eligible at a time when the state is only receiving 250,000 vaccine doses per week

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