“Welcome to Imagination” is the newest of Broome County’s Public Art projects.

Designed and painted by Miami native, Ivan Roque, the mural in Johnson City is part of the on-going effort to enhance the downtown environments of the Triple Cities.

The mural can be seen on the wall outside of Jupiter Games.

Roque has done work for several prominent clients including the Miami Dolphins, Trader Joe’s, and Samsung, but this was his first visit to upstate New York.

Roque says the mural took him roughly four days, but it would have only been two full days if it wasn’t for the weather.

Artist Ivan Roque says, “So I think that’s the main thing I want people to take from this mural. I want people to come, I want people to be inspired, I want people to come and take photos with the mural, to be involved with the mural. I’m happy about the reaction it’s gotten from the community, and through all this, Broome County really has left a special place in my heart.”

The mural is six-hundred and fifty square feet.

Roque says he took inspiration from Jupiter Games, as well as his own childhood.

The funding for the project was supported through the New York State Upstate Revitalization Initiative and the Greater Binghamton Fund.

You can visit the mural at 240 Main Street on the rear façade of the Jupiter Games building.