BINGHAMTON, NY – Local shelter animals are doggone happy the Broome County Humane Society is reopening.

It has been accessible throughout the pandemic for adoptions, due to being considered essential, however visitors were not allowed.

Adoptions have been steady and over 50 animals have been placed in foster homes.

Now that the Humane Society has opened its doors to the public, it is requiring people to wear face masks inside the building, to make appointments in order to adopt an animal and to practice social distancing.

It is also limiting the number of people within the cat rooms to 3.

Shelter Manager Amberly Ondria, is more than ready to get back to business.

“It’s very lonely. A lot of our staff has missed the animals. We were able to do a lot of building maintenance when we were closed. As far as people coming in on a regular basis, we did a lot of painting, which has helped with sanitation as well for when there’s messes on the walls and what not. We’re happy that we’re open again and that animal numbers are continuing to come in, so they can get adopted,” says Ondria.

The Humane Society still has animals available for adoption and any donations of food, especially dog food, is greatly appreciated.

Its hours are Tuesday to Friday noon to 5 P-M. and Saturday 11 AM. to 4 PM to the public.