In honor of National Donate Life Month, Guthrie held a flag-raising ceremony to recognize organ donors and recipients.

National Donate Life Month was established by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations in 2003.

The significance of the work it takes to do this is high-lighted not just today but every day, and one local donor, Hazel Callear, shares her story of helping her daughter in a time of need.

“I was actually her donor, so she received part of my liver, so we share one,” said Callear. “I think it was such a powerful thing because we were on the list, unfortunately she had no good offers and she was very sick, so it gave us a little piece of mind because we at least knew we had a match, so we just had to get to the day,” she added.

Vanessa Kabes, a Guthrie Registered Nurse, said this day is meaningful.

“With having this ceremony, you can look at our small community and see how donors have helped in our small community itself.”

Kabes said that one donor can save the lives of eight people, and one donor can help heal the lives of 75 people.