How to find an electrical contractor


There are several ways to go about locating a good electrical contractor. You might start by asking neighbors who’ve had similar work done on their homes. Or, talk to other types of contractors whose work you admire: they can probably name an experienced electrician. You could pay a visit to the electrical inspector’s office: look for someone with a high percentage of jobs that passed inspection the first time. You could also contact professional groups for references, like the national electrical contractor’s association. Once you’ve developed a list, set up meetings. Talk to at least two or three contractors; get separate quotes from each. It’s important to give all contractors the exact same specifications, listing identical tasks to be performed. Also, find out if they specialize in the type of work you need: for example, re-wiring an old home, or wiring new construction. Though rates should be a consideration, never choose a contractor simply because they’re the cheapest. When it comes to quality, electrical work is one area where you don’t want to cut corners.

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