How a Binghamton family enjoys a snow day


BINGHAMTON, NY – While the snow itself could cause frustration to many, others have used the opportunity to go out and have fun with friends and family.

NewsChannel 34’s James Atherlay toured Greater Binghamton and found some great examples of people refusing to let bad weather bring them down.

The plows had been through the large parking lots at Binghamton General Hospital 4 times by 10:00 this morning.

It’s taken a lot of work for essential establishments to keep running like clockwork.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone was hard at work.

Joshua Witter and his family took the day off to have lots of fun.

The Witter home is right next to Recreation Park in Binghamton.

Software Engineer Joshua Witter says, “We like to go out and go sledding across the street and rec park is right there. What is going on here? Are you putting snow down my jacket?”

Witter and his family thoroughly enjoy snow and everything it comes with, including snow.

Joshua says the best snow is the fresh, soft stuff you can turn into snowballs, snowmen, forts, and other works of snow art.

4-year old daughter Charlotte had different ideas.

Several handfuls of snow rained down on her father with unstoppable fury as the little one refused to yield.

Witter says, “I’m happy that winter is here. I feel like I hope it’s an easy one for all the people who have to deliver all of the packages and mail and everything. It seems like they’re going to have it the worst this year because of the huge number of deliveries and all the snow and hard weather and stuff like that. I don’t know. I’m just really thankful for them.”

While Witter and his family were building snowmen and the like by Recreation Park, several others took their sleds to Glenwood Elementary.

The school’s long hill, combined with the perfect snow, made it ideal for going fast on a sled.

The only issue with that was the long trek back up the hill.

Even then, with the snow still falling and the grooves just now starting to come in on the hill, it is impossible to resist going down once more.

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