BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Home Depot Foundation showed up in numbers and volunteered at local non-profit to help with spring cleaning and to install some new additions.

Stand With Me is a non profit that helps train service dogs for veterans who suffer from anxiety and PTSD.

The organization reached out to Johnson City Home Depot in hopes that the store would donate heated stair treads to keep the ice off of the staircase in the Winter.

The Home Depot Foundation responded and asked Stand With Me to apply to its grant assisted volunteer program.

After doing so, the Home Depot donated much more than just heated stair treads.

The Founder of Stand With Me, Myrph McMahon says that this time of year, there is always a hefty amount of yard work, but the Home Depot volunteered their time and went above and beyond.

“The Home Depot Foundation as well as just our store is really big into helping out with a lot of the veterans in our community and trying to help them get established in certain ways. And here with Stand With Me, making sure that they have access and a safe working environment to be able to train their dogs.”

McMahon says that thanks to the volunteers stacking all of the firewood, she plans to host a big bonfire party for the veterans in the program at some point this Summer.

Roughly 15 volunteers from the Home Depot spent the day cleaning up McMahon’s property.