ALBANY, NY – In her COVID update, Governor Hochul went over the Winter Surge two point oh plan.

The Winter Surge is something that’s been talked about for months now, as the holiday season approached us.

Hochul says we are seeing the number of positive cases rise daily, but hopefully, those numbers will start to decline.

There’s five parts to this plan, to keep kids in school, wear a mask and continue to get tested, prevent illness and death, increase vaccinations and boosters, and finally continue to work with local leaders.

Millions of tests are arriving that will be distributed to schools to help keep everyone safe, and millions of masks are being sent to countines.

Hochul says, 2022 is the year we beat this pandemic.

“I’m so energized, I feel that we have the energy of the team behind me, and incredible team of public servants, public partners. We have the resources, we have medicine that’s coming, as soon as that arrives in large doses we can avoid hospitalizations, we’re continuing to provide life lines to our hospitals,” she said.

Hochul also mentioned that she is extending the masks or vaccine requirement protocol that’s currently in place to now end February 1st.

She added, Effective January 15th, all SUNY or CUNY students must get the booster.