ALBANY, NY – New campaigns and P-S-A’s will be on every TV, radio, and social media sites soon with one goal, to get children vaccinated.

In Governor Hochul’s briefing earlier today, she announced the hash tag Vax for Kids Campaign featuring Commissioner Mary Bassett.

This new programming is designed to reach any and all pediatricians, parents and guardians to ensure children 5 and older not only get the vaccine, but keep up with all recommended vaccinations.

Hochul says that in the month of December, 91 percent of children admitted to the hospital were not vaccinated.

“It’s safe, it’s free and it protects even the younger siblings who are not eligible. This is important, get the older siblings vaccinated so the children who are not eligible yet, 5 and under, are protected as well,” says Hochul.

Vax for Kids pop-up sites will be established in communities to administer first and second doses for children 5 and older as well as booster and additional doses for eligible children and adolescents.

Locations and dates will be announced soon.

For more information, visit NY.GOV/VaxforKids.

Hochul also announced today that with this surge, contact tracing is becoming impossible.

So, the state is essentially ending the program, however it is up to each county whether they would like to continue it or end it.

Adding that if the county does end the program, you will no longer receive a call from your health department following a positive test but you must continue to follow the CDC guidance.