BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVBT/WBGH) – Recently, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul hosted a roundtable with Broome County leaders and elected officials to address Binghamton’s affordable housing crisis.

For Hochul’s 2024 Fiscal Year Executive Budget, she introduced the New York Housing Compact – a comprehensive strategy aimed at tackling New York’s housing crisis and building 800,000 new homes in the next decade.

Local leaders discussed the compact and voiced their support for the initiative. Take a look at what they had to say:

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo

  • “Local leaders are coordinating efforts to address the shortage of housing in our area. We look forward to discussing the challenges we are facing with HCR Commissioner Visnauskas. We all agree that a vibrant economy requires housing for all income levels, for renters and homeowners alike.”  

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar

  • “Increasing the availability of housing for people of all ages and income levels is one of the top priorities for Broome County. Our growth as a community is contingent upon everyone having a safe place to live and raise their families. I appreciate the Governor’s commitment to working on this issue with us, and ensuring we have the tools and resources necessary to achieve our housing goals.”

City of Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham

  • “Like communities across Upstate New York, Broome County faces a shortage of quality affordable housing that’s left too many of our families living in substandard and unacceptable conditions. In Binghamton, we’re taking action to solve the area’s affordable housing crisis, and as Mayor, I appreciate the Governor’s leadership on the issue and her commitment to helping deliver solutions. Last week’s roundtable with Commissioner Visnauskas was an important part of our collective effort to address the affordable housing crisis.”

Leadership Alliance CEO Stacey Duncan

  • “Housing is a critical piece of the economic development puzzle. Without enough quality and affordable housing, our communities across New York State will never be able to realize their full potential. I applaud Governor Hochul’s commitment to addressing the housing crisis and hope our recent efforts in Broome County can build off the work led by New York State. The Leadership Alliance is proud to have partnered with more than a dozen public and private stakeholders to prepare a comprehensive housing strategy we hope provides the opportunity for a higher quality of life and accessible economic mobility for all our residents.”

Greater Binghamton Association of REALTORS President Jennifer Greenmun

  • “The Greater Binghamton Association of REALTORS is grateful that Governor Hochul and our local leaders are committed to addressing the housing situation in our community.  The Greater Binghamton area needs all levels of housing, from new construction and rentals to all levels of the working sectors from first-time buyers to executive-level housing, and also, affordable, able-bodied senior living accommodations. We have millennial-age buyers looking to establish roots in our community, yet there is very limited inventory for them to choose from with affordability being a significant factor as well. We are seeing our seniors age in place at home because there are no affordable options for them to move into. We have able and willing buyers ready to call our area home and we hope to meet those needs sooner than later.”

Executive Director of the YWCA Binghamton Carole Coppens

  • “We are excited to be part of Governor Hochul’s meetings to discuss housing needs in Broome County. Conversations like these are invaluable in identifying key issues and developing collaborative solutions that will impact the lives of so many individuals and families in our community.”

Executive Director of United Way of Broome County Paula Perna

  • “These conversations and efforts around housing are critical to creating a healthy community. United Way of Broome County was eager to be part of the housing dialogue, and we are looking forward to working together to find solutions to our housing crisis”

President of Habitat for Humanity NYS Mary Robinson

  • “A collaborative emphasis on affordable housing and homeownership in New York is crucial right now. We are encouraged by the conversations and efforts to promote economic growth and the stability of communities in Broome County and across the state. Tackling affordable homeownership will require a widespread mobilization of organizations and agencies focused on the issue, Habitat for Humanity is glad to join in the housing dialogue to find solutions”

Executive Director of SEPP, Inc. John Bernardo

  • “Affordable housing in the Southern Tier is a serious concern and we’re happy to engage in the conversation and work with our NYS officials to address this problem in a productive and thoughtful manner.”