BINGHAMTON, NY – Governor Hochul visited the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences in Johnson City this morning for an official ribbon cutting and to get another jab.

The former Endicott-Johnson shoe factory building has been up and running for the past year but the grand opening was postponed due to the virus.

Hochul came to discuss how Broome County is doing with the pandemic.

She says our infection rate is now over 3%, while Manhattan’s infection rate is just .67%

Hochul says she’s been wondering if this pandemic will have the same impact as 9/11 did on inspiring the next generation to want to be apart of the helping professions.

“I hope that your stories, those of you that are in this noble profession will inspire other to join, we need them so desperately. This is the place that they can come, the timing was perfect for young people looking to say what do I want to do with my life, how do I want to use my talents,” says Hochul.

Hochul says currently 64% of Broome County residents are fully vaccinated and those numbers should go up as the vaccine is soon to be approved for children under 12.

Hochul even received her COVID-19 booster shot in front of everyone in attendance to show her dedication to getting the state back to where it was before the pandemic.