ALBANY, NY – Gov. Kathy Hochul appointing New York Congressman Antonio Delgado as her new Lieutenant Governor. This comes after lawmakers passed legislation yesterday that removed former Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin’s name from the ballot.

“I believe we can work together and we can thrive together. And once again I just want to thank Governor Hochul for her service to the state of New York for giving me this opportunity,” says Delgado.

Hochul realized some New Yorkers may have been concerned about the vetting process following what happened with former Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin, but at a news conference today she assured new Yorkers the process this time was thorough.

“We had our legal team assemble lawyers who are experienced in this. It was a deep dive into the background and so yes that is something that we took very, very seriously and I know we got it right,” says Hochul.

Once sworn in, the newly appointed Lt Governor says he’s looking forward to his responsibilities.

“To be thinking about forward actions, what we can be investing in with infrastructure, with our small businesses, with making sure we’re supporting our communities with round housing … having that partnership where I can actively seek to deliver those outcomes on the ground is the objective,” says Delgado.

Fellow new York congressman Hakeem Jeffries says with Delgado leaving the 19th congressional district, it’s the house’s loss but the states gain. When asked about Delgado’s soon to be vacant seat, Jeffries says it’s crucial to get through redistricting maps first. 

“Ya know there’s a long way between here and there. And the first thing that’s gotta happen is we gotta get fair maps.”

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, the GOP Candidate for the 19th district says Delgado would have lost his seat come November. In a statement he says. 

“I will keep meeting voters from all corners of the district and look and look forward to delivering real results for the 19th Congressional Districts. We are going to will against Delgado and we’ll win the special election when it’s announced.We aren’t changing course. We are full speed ahead,” says Molinaro.