BINGHAMTON, NY – Now that the vaccine window is open for children as young as 5, some parents are wondering if they should be getting their children vaccinated, and how to do so.

Currently, only Pfizer is being offered to children, at a dose that is less than the “adult” dose.

There is still a two-shot series.

According to the Broome County Health Department, clinical trials showed the vaccine was 90% effective at combating the virus in children with no serious side effects.

Even if you do not feel your child is at risk for serious health complications should they contract the virus, children are still able to spread the disease to people who may have a hard time fighting it, including the elderly and siblings who are too young to get the vaccine.

If you’re interested in getting you child vaccinated, you could contact their school to see if there are any upcoming clinics in partnership with the Broome County Health Department.

Your child’s pediatrician may be providing doses as well.

Many pharmacies are also vaccinating the 5 – 11 age group at this time.