Hemp industry hopeful new bill passes


BINGHAMTON, NY – The hemp industry is optimistic a bipartisan bill can finally give their business some much-needed support.

House bill number 5587 would direct the F-D-A to regulate C-B-D products as a dietary supplement.

This would allow for those products to be regulated by the government, ensuring national quality standards as well as adding the potential for exporting products.

The bill was introduced by Minnesota congressman Collin Peterson back in January, and has been co-sponsored by Congressman Anthony Brindisi here in New York.

The CEO of Binghamton-based Castetter Sustainability Group, Kaelan Castetter, is optimistic this bill will pass, and allow CBD shops to put their customers’ minds at ease.

“If you don’t have these standards, these nationwide standards that the FDA sets in terms of quality, in terms of efficacy. And you know that when you buy a bottle of CBD that there is the amount of CBD that they say in there. That it is safe, free of contaminants. Then, it doesn’t provide a lot of confidence from the consumer side. So, really to break into that next level, and to add more markets, and to legitimatize the supply chain, this needs to occur,” says Castetter.

At the moment, the bill is still in the preliminary stages of being passed.

It still would need to go through the House of Representatives, followed by the Senate, and lastly, through the president before it can be passed into law.

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