ALBANY, NY – In her COVID-19 update, Governor Hochul is urging health care workers to get the booster.

A few months ago it went into effect that all health care workers needed to get vaccinated or risk losing their job.

Today, Hochul announced that New York will be the 1st-in-the nation to now require health care workers get the booster.

Following that with there will be a no test-out option, the only exemption from this will be a medical one.

She is urging everyone get the booster within 2 months of being eligible.

Reminding everyone you can now get it after 5 months, not 6.

“This has been such an important priority. We’ve already seen what’s been happening in our health care environments, staff is getting sick, they’re leaving, we need them to get well. We need them to have the best fortification they possibly can and that means getting a booster shot as well,” says Hochul.

49 million at-home tests have been ordered and distributed and Hochul mentioned more will be coming.

She is also working on getting the Pfizer pill, Paxlovid, as soon as it becomes available.

Hochul also gave an update on long term care, stating anyone that wants to visit a loved one in a nursing home must wear a surgical type paper mask and have a negative COVID test within 24 hours.