BINGHAMTON N.Y – Residents at the United Methodist Homes Hilltop Campus were tricked and treated to a haunted house last week.

The nursing home put on its 14th annual haunted house, inviting not only residents but also their family and staff.

This year, the housekeeping and maintenance staff, along with Johnson City high school students, helped with the annual attraction.

Activities Director Faye Clark says the residents get very excited for the event, continuing to go through multiple times.

“Every year the rooms are different. We have about 8 hallways and 7 different rooms and every year we do a different theme in every room, so you can come back every year and get a free scare,” says Clark.

Clark also says that this year, Elizabeth Church Manor, their sister home, did a room.

Clark adds that not much can scare the residents anymore, but their laughter makes the event worth it.