BINGHAMTON, NY – The Southern Tier Haitian Association and Mayor Jared Kraham met outside City Hall to celebrate Haitian flag day. In Haiti, Flag Day is a major national holiday.

It is a day to honor the culture and heritage of the Haitian people, and commemorate the nation’s history. Haitians celebrate Flag Day every year on May 18th.

Mayor Kraham says that every day, Binghamton needs to be celebrating its diversity.

Mayor Jared Kraham says, “There’s so much happening in our world, our country and even as we saw last week, our home state. Threats to divide us as a people. Terrible acts that were carried out with the purpose of pinning one against another and breeding more hate. We stand unified against that evil, against hate, against racism and violence at it’s core. Because we know, as the Haitian motto says, unity makes strength.”

The Haitian flag portrays a coat of arms at the top of a green hill. This symbolizes the people’s readiness to guard and defend their country. There is also a palm tree that symbolizes the country’s hard fought independence.