BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton has seen a rise in gun related crimes this year.

There have 18 confirmed reports of shots fired in the City this year.

By this time last year, there was only 10 incidents.

Six people have been shot in Binghamton so far this year, compared to three last year.

Today at Binghamton City Hall, Mayor Jared Kraham announced an unprecedented investment in gun violence reduction efforts.

Some focal points of the investment include increased community policing, data driven policing, gun buyback programs, and expanded neighborhood watch partnerships.

“I’m announcing a one-million dollar investment in public safety programs to reduce gun violence in the city of Binghamton; resources we need to keep our streets safe. The funds will support staffing, technology, and other evidence based investigation, prevention and enforcement efforts through the Southern Tier Crime Analysis Center,” says Kraham.

The one million dollar investment is through the Recovery Plan Act, and will be presented at the May 16th City Council session.

The investment will support staffing, technology and other evidence based investigation, prevention and enforcement efforts.