BINGHAMTON, NY – A state effort to address the growing problem of gun violence in New York has lead to grants to support youth programming in Binghamton.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo was at the Binghamton Bulldogs Sports Complex today to announce $250,000 to support activities for Binghamton youth.

Several zip codes within the city were identified by the state to have a high concentration of at-risk youth and gun crime.

Recipients are the Binghamton City School District, the Bulldogs basketball team and the YMCA.
Lupardo says her goal is to make the additional programming sustainable.

“I’m very particular about finding existing programs that we can support, that have a proven track record of being good role models, providing enriching activities for kids so that we can continue. They won’t go away, maybe they wouldn’t have the same level of support but they won’t vanish and take these programs away from kids that have come to rely on them,” says Lupardo.

Binghamton Schools will use $100,000 to hire 2 youth advocates working at the high school with students, mostly freshmen, identified as at-risk.

The Bulldogs and YMCA will each receive 75 grand to offer scholarships to Binghamton youth for club memberships or entry into tournaments.