Group interviews


In a group interview, you might be answering questions from three, four, or as many as six people. At first, this might seem a bit overwhelming. But don’t let it rattle you. All the principles of good interviewing still apply, with a few additional tips. When you’re asked a question, always direct your answer to the person who asked it, not to the group. During the course of the meeting, you’ll want to pay some attention to all the interviewers; every so often, glance at each one. However, it’s not a bad idea to focus somewhat on the person you feel is the top decision maker. If you know in advance it’s a group interview, put several extra resumes in your briefcase. That way, you’ll be prepared, should someone ask for a copy. At the end of the interview, thank everyone for their time. If you shake one hand, shake them all. You don’t want anyone to feel slighted. The next day, send a thank you note to each person in the group. If you can’t remember all their names and titles, call the secretary or personnel director.

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