BINGHAMTON, NY – A year ago yesterday, a grocery store came to the North Side of Binghamton, ending the twenty-four year supermarket drought.

Since the day it opened it doors, Greater Good Grocery’s mission has been to expand healthy food access.

In addition to celebrating one year of being open, it’s also extending the SNAP Double Up Program.

The program initially began on December 1st of last year, and provides a SNAP match to be used on produce only.

Executive Director of the Broome County Council of Churches, Joe Sellepack, says this was made possible due to a partnership with the United Way and the Binghamton University Philanthropy Incubator.

“So we want the Greater Good Grocery to be a place where people can find food access but also find affordable food to feed their families for an entire month,” he says.

The extended program begins today.

It will continue until all funding is exhausted.

SNAP Customers will receive vouchers at the register which will match their purchase.