ALBANY, NY – Governor Hochul has formally submitted the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Plan to the legislature.

Hochul announced that this budget will do more than just help New York recover from the pandemic.
She wants to change New York’s destiny.

In an effort to address the needs of New Yorkers, she plans to spend 216 billion dollars.

Hochul says the budget proposal is in line with her commitment to passing an agenda that rebuilds New York’s health care and teacher workforces.

She says it also provides tax relief, speeds up economic growth, creates good-paying middle class jobs, strengthens the state’s infrastructure and controls climate change.

The agenda also addresses public safety and affordable housing.

Hochul adds that this is a once-in-a-generation chance to reconsider what is possible for our State.

“This is a moment of great possibility. A once in a generation chance to reconsider what is possible for our state. This really is the beginning of New York’s next great comeback. I declared a new era for New York and it continues today, so New Yorkers, this budget is for you,” says Hochul.

A break down of the budget looks like this.

2 billion is being set aside for pandemic recovery initiatives.

Billions are being set aside in tax relief for millions of residents, homeowners, and small businesses.

32.8 billion to fix our state’s infrastructure.

10 billion for health care.

31 billion for schools and teachers.

1.4 billion is going to child care.

1.5 billion for SUNY and CUNY schools.

25 billion for affordable housing.

400 million multi-year investment for opioid addiction services.

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