Governor Cuomo looks to the future New York economy


ALBANY, NY – Governor Cuomo’s ‘New York State on Pause’ executive order that requires all non-essential businesses to be closed is in effect.

But, the Governor and his team are also figuring out how to balance saving lives and the economy moving forward.

NewsChannel 34’s Capitol Correspondent has more on what they’re looking at down the line.

The Governor says it’s an evolving situation and that it’s unsustainable for the economy to be stopped like this long-term.

Now he’s trying to assess the best plan for the future to restore the economy while also protecting public health.

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))
You turned off the engine quickly. How do you now start or begin to restart, or plan the restart of that economic engine?

That’s one of the issues Governor Cuomo is looking to navigate as more than 20-thousand New Yorkers have tested positive for the coronavirus.

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))
We have to start to think about does everyone stay out of work? Should young people go back to work sooner? Can we test for those who had the virus, resolved and are now immune and can they start to go back to work?

The Governor says he’s pondering Yale University Doctor David Katz’s ideas that focus on risk stratification and more on isolating the vulnerable population.

It also considers if having young people home from school and work could be putting the elderly more at risk.

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor))
Could there be a more intelligent public health strategy that is more productive or less destructive to the economy?

The Governor says that he has no second thoughts about any of the actions that the state has taken thus far in response to the Coronavirus.

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