Governor Cuomo addresses nursing homes in latest briefing, gives guidance for visitation


ALBANY, NY – Governor Cuomo spoke about a number of issues regarding nursing homes during this briefing Friday afternoon, starting with visitation.

Cuomo says the State Department of Health will release guidance for resuming nursing home visits.

The guidelines will involve visitors taking a rapid test before entering, with the D-O-H providing those tests to the nursing homes.

The Governor also once again addressed the claims that he withheld vital information about nursing home deaths.

Cuomo says that his two mistakes were not getting information out fast enough, and not fighting back hard enough against allegations directed at him and his administration early on.

The Governor added they created a void for families of nursing home residents, saying the void was filled with conspiracy theories, politics and rumors.

He says 24 hour news stations and social media repeated misinformation so often that people started to believe it.

“Now this continues and people get confused. People who lost family members in nursing homes start to say, ‘I wonder if this is true. I wonder if my father died because somebody made a mistake. I wonder if my father had to die.’ Those false statements must be countered,” says Cuomo.

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker also spoke, saying that each decision was made with the facts that were available at the time.

Zucker stands by the decision to send recovering COVID positive patients back to their nursing homes, citing the projection models from last spring, showing how many hospital beds the state needed to free up in order to combat the virus and prevent additional deaths.

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