Government in danger of shutting down yet again


WASHINGTON, DC – The threat of another government shutdown looms as appropriators are working out the kinks on a deal both sides can support.

As NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright shows us, lawmakers say they want to avoid the shutdown, but still have issues they want resolved.

{***Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD ***} We shouldn’t have another shameful and totally unnecessary government shutdown.

The threat of another government shutdown looms as Congress faces yet another deadline to pass a government funding bill.

{*** Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, D/NY ***} a second Trump shutdown

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer says he hopes the president learned his lesson from the last shutdown – and is ready to negotiate.

{*** Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, D/NY ***} He seems to feel on the appropriations bills ‘my way or the highway’…

{***Senator Patrick Leahy, D/VT ***} I’d like to have him negotiate and keep the same position more than a couple hours at a time.

Congress faces a December 20th deadline to fund the government …

Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen says passing another continuing resolution, isn’t enough.

{***Senator Chris Van Hollen, D/MD ***} We’d be much better off if we could get a fresh budget…

Despite the pressure… Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy is optimistic.

otherwise you’re going to have massive cuts in social programs and defense programs.

A sticking point – has been allocating funds for a border wall, something the president is adamant about…

there will be money there for border security, very little of its going to go for a wall no matter what they say.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell… says Democrats are allowing policy disagreements to hurt the military.

{Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, R/KY} Our democratic colleagues will finally need to rediscover our men and women in uniform are more important than their partisan fights.

Lawmakers have just over 2 weeks to find a solution…

{Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, R/KY} It will take a lot of work and cooperation to move the appropriations process forward.

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