Go Fund Me for Mackenzie Rhodes, a 21 year-old battling kidney disease


BINGHAMTON, NY – A Binghamton woman, who spent her 21st birthday in the hospital yesterday, is seeking the public’s help so that she can spend her last days in peace.

Mackenzie Rhodes has been in and out of the hospital since August and has been hospitalized at Wilson since 2 days before Christmas.

Rhodes has been battling polycystic kidney disease for the past 6 years.

Her mother Esther Winn believes it was caused by antibiotics she took for flu-like symptoms 6 years ago.

Winn says Rhodes was always a lovable and outgoing person who enjoyed playing field hockey and babysitting.

The disease has damaged her heart, so Rhodes is no longer a candidate for a kidney transplant.

She can no longer speak due to a tracheotomy to help her breathe.

Winn says that if these are Mackenzie’s final days, she doesn’t want her to spend them in the hospital.

“When she comes home, if she has to come home on hospice, to be able to get her a bed. Just get her things that she needs. I had a job, I lost my job because I was here with her. I’ve gotten an eviction, I got evicted from my home. So we have nowhere to go now,” says Winn.

Friends have launched a Go Fund Me page to try to raise money for Winn to secure housing and a bed for Mackenzie to come home to.

The original intent of the fundraising was to send Mackenzie to a bucket-list destination such as the beach or Disney World, but such dreams seem unlikely now.

You can donate to Mackenzie’s Go Fund Me Page here.

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