BINGHAMTON NY -A local performing arts organization is taking its audience back to 1905 as part of its contribution to the Binghamton Philharmonic’s 2 year-long Beethoven Project.

Theatre Street Productions is presenting a living history performance titled Beethoven at the Phelps.

The production will be split between an instrumental first half and vocal second half featuring an aria from Beethoven’s only opera “Fidelio” and other vocal music from the famous composer.

Three performers, soprano Andrea Gregori, tenor Cole Tornberg and mezzo soprano U Lee will each portray a different well-known singer from the Edwardian Era.

Prior to each half, there will be a presentation about the history of the music, the famous performers and even some information on the Phelps and Truman families that lived in the mansion.

“Just a way to make it a little more interesting, weaving in local bits of history and background information on the pieces themselves. To make it fun and interesting,” says Gregori.

As part of its Beethoven Project, the Philharmonic is performing all 9 of his symphonies leading up to the 250th anniversary of his birthday in December 2020.

It’s also invited other local arts organizations, like Theatre Street, to also present Beethoven productions.

Beethoven at the Phelps takes place Sunday at 3 PM.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at