BINGHAMTON, NY – A long time SUNY Broome tradition of coming together as a community and giving back, took place this morning.

It’s the 25th annual Giving of the Toys event, where sports teams and groups donate toys to Toys for Tots.

In the past, the soccer teams gave soccer balls, the Educators of Children Club donated books, the Finance office gave calculators, and so on.

Vice President of Student Development and Chief Diversity Officer, Carol Ross-Scott says it’s Christmas time and it’s time to be happy.

“We all come together and it’s very exciting and a lot of fun and it goes to show you about the spirit of our institution. We’re not just an educational institution, we’re part of the Broome Community and this is very important. This is how we give back, one of the ways we give back,” says Ross-Scott.

More than 60 departments, clubs, athletic teams and campus organizations donate toys to Santa.

Ross-Scott added that it’s nice to be able to give children the Christmas that they deserve.