Girls Shoot Guns Too is a fairly new business teaching women how to become confident shooters


BINGHAMTON, NY – A retired New York State Police Investigator wasn’t ready to fully retire just yet.

She started her own business to share her knowledge and help anyone become a smart and safe gun owner.

Debbie Rose was a fire arms instructor for the New York State Police until she left in June of 2020.

Shortly after she was approached by some gun dealers asking if she’d be interested in teaching private lessons to people that were new to firearms.

This past fall is when Rose started her company, Girls Shoot Guns Too.

“For me it’s like second nature, I’ve always been around hand guns and it’s just something that I’m used to. I’m finding that a lot of women are not comfortable and they want to be comfortable, so it’s really worked for me,” says Rose.

Rose says people are really wanting to get their pistol and concealed weapons permits and she’s glad she’s able to help out.

Being that Rose is a female in the firearm industry, women tend to feel more comfortable trusting her.

She actually gave me a quick lesson while I was there and I can say that she gives you her undivided attention and she works with you to help you get your aim down.

“My motto is: Be a proficient and confident gun owner. I think that goes a long way with people especially in today’s day in age. I think people are wanting guns more and honestly women have been the biggest purchasers in the market right now, so I think that they really want to become well versed and comfortable,” says Rose.

Rose prefers to do 1 on 1 lessons, and recommends that you be at least 16 years of age.

Most of her clients do already own a handgun, but if not she’ll allow you to use hers at the range as long as you bring your own ammo or reimburse her.

Rose will also work with you to find a handgun that works for you.

If anyone is interested in getting private lessons, you can find her on Facebook at Girls Shoot Guns Too.

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