Fun with the paranormal doesn’t have to end tonight.

Local ghost hunting group, Empirical Paranormal, is teaming up with the Fainting Goat Island Inn and Chrissy Gates, from social media agency Where is Chrissy Today, for an investigation.

The Inn made national headlines for its haunting back in September when it was featured on the Travel Channel’s Hotel Paranormal.

Empirical Paranormal routinely investigates allegedly haunted buildings around the Binghamton area, including the Bundy Museum, where they participated in the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt.

Director Gina Caprari is no stranger to ghosts, and says our area has a rich history full of spirits.

“Binghamton is a very, old, old place and there’s many layers throughout the years, and many people passing away or tragedies, or something happening so, many buildings downtown are haunted,” she says.

Those wanting to get in on the fun at the Fainting Goat can follow along via a social media live stream on the Empirical Paranormal Facebook page on November 11 from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

The group also plans to continue work on their podcast, Let’s Talk Ghosts, which discusses local supernatural happenings.

Or, if you want your own personal investigation, you can email