A new initiative aims to make sure everyone in need of assistance gets just that.

County Executive Jason Garnar announced the creation of Broome Includes.

The goal is to promote inclusion of community members who experience behavioral health challenges such as developmental disabilities, mental health, addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Person-Centered Community Advocate for the Broome County Health Department Megan Wise, who will be leading the initiative, says it’s about connecting those in need to the services that can help them. 

“It came about with some very concerned community members about services in our area and making sure they can access them all at the same time. So it is extremely vital and important. I’ve been meeting with community agencies and they’ve all stressed that challenge that they’ve been facing of working with others that aren’t in their silos or their realms,” Wise says.

She will serve as liaison between Broome County residents and community agencies. 

Some of those agencies include ACHIEVE, the Southern Tier Independence Center or STIC, and the Mental Health Association.