MONTROSE, PA (WIVT/WBGH) – As the community continues to celebrate 30th anniversary of the Binghamton La Teste Sister City relationship, a French visitor is learning how sweet the U.S. can be.

Chocolates by Leopold in Montrose was joined by 16-year-old Thibault Huguenot for a candy-making lesson yesterday.

Huguenot is from La Teste-De-Buch and is spending two weeks in Greater Binghamton learning about our culture. He spent the day making chocolates, trying new baking methods, and learning about American confections.

Huguenot, who aspires to be a pastry chef, says dessert making is very different in France because they follow strict culinary rules. He says treats in the U.S. are diverse and allow for more creativity.

“It’s completely different. They don’t eat the same things as us in France. The way of life is different. So, I wanted to see if it was different and it’s not the same thing,” said Huguenot.

Huguenot says he has enjoyed getting to see how candy and dessert making is done in the U.S.