Forty-six people became Americans on Friday


BINGHAMTON N.Y – There are dozens of new Americans in our region.

46 people took the oath of citizenship last Friday during a naturalization ceremony held in the Broome County Courthouse.

New citizens came from a wide variety of countries including China, Ukraine and the Dominican Republic.

The ceremony was organized by the American Civic Association and presided over by State Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Tait.

20 year-old Tharuki Amani Iddamaltodage came to the US from Sri Lanka at the age of one.

She says that in addition to a sense of belonging and being able to vote, there are practical benefits to becoming a citizen.

“There’s a lot of difficulty having a green card for school. For example, traveling and study abroad there was a lot of trouble getting visas. Now, the process will be smoother,” says Iddamaltodage.

The new citizens received flags and pamphlets describing their rights and responsibilities from the League of Women Voters and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

And, as has become tradition, the Southerntiersmen chorus sang patriotic tunes.

You can watch their rendition of God Bless America on our website,

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