Former Olympian Shannon Miller speaks out about the importance of cancer screenings


BINGHAMTON, NY – One of the most decorated USA female gymnasts, Shannon Miller opens up about her battle with ovarian cancer.

Miller was apart of “The Magnificent Seven” that won the gold medal in the 1996 Olympics.

She recently partnered with Lourdes Hospital and its parent company, Ascension in a new P-S-A about health care and not delaying cancer screenings.

After retiring from competition, she started working on launching her company and her son had just turned 1.

Her life was pretty crazy at the time, and saw she wasn’t going to be around for her next screening, so was ready to just push it back a year.

When she called, the receptionist informed her there was a cancellation and she could come in now.

“It was that morning that my doctor found a baseball size cyst on my left ovary. That went into this whirlwind of test and scans and by January I found out it was ovarian cancer,” says Miller.

Miller says what scared her the most was that morning she went in telling her doctor she felt fine.

She didn’t realize at the time that she was ignoring 3 of the 4 signs that she had ovarian cancer.

Miller says if she pushed her screening back, she would have had a completely different outcome, so for that reason she’s grateful.

“Your health is not going to wait, cancer doesn’t care. Heart disease, diabetes, anything that you’re up against, it’s always best to be able to stay on top of it. To have an early diagnosis, those are always positive things. We don’t want people to wait,” says Miller.

Miller has been cancer free for 10 years now.

Miller says your health is important, so even if you feel fine, you might not be.

The message both Miller and Ascension want to get across to it’s audience with this P-S-A is to go now, don’t delay.

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