BROOKLYN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Former Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke Sunday morning at God’s Battalion of Prayer Church in Brooklyn, the first public appearance he’s made since his resignation on August 10, 2021. The church’s Reverend, Rev. Alfred Cockfield, was appointed to the Long Island Power Authority Board last year by Former Governor Cuomo’s office. In introducing the former governor, Cockfield said “he’s a friend. I never turn my back on friends.”

When Mr. Cuomo first took the podium, he began, “I’ve gone through a very difficult time these past few months. I resigned as Governor, the press roasted me… it was one of the roughest times of my life.” Cuomo then went on to detail the several sexual assault allegations brought up against him, hitting the same points his administration has many times- that there is a “new sensitivity” with younger people.

The former Governor apologized for his behavior multiple times, while still alluding to the fact that several Attorney Generals’ investigations led to no convictions. “Tens of millions of dollars were spent on investigations… your money!”, said the former Governor.

Cuomo then detailed the firing of his brother, Chris Cuomo, by CNN. He said, “cancel culture mentality is growing, and it must be stopped.”

The former Governor also mentioned what he believes to be Former President Donald Trump’s plans for the near future. “Donald Trump is out mobilizing”, began Cuomo. “Strategically planning to override the election system when they don’t like the outcome- when they lose.”

To cap the speech, Cuomo said he has “many options in life”, and that he is open to all of them. No further announcements were made this Sunday.