Brozzetti’s has been making its customers smile since 1949.

It all started with a batch of dough 67 years ago and a recipe that hasn’t been altered.

“No changes to the recipe. The only change was to the menu was made in the 1980’s, we added the sheet pizza that can feed the whole family,” said Director of Operations Rob Brozzetti.

It all starts with freshly made dough.

It’s stretched and patted down with a flat hand and not fingers.

Once it’s tucked into the corners, next comes the sauce.

Brozzetti’s uses a blend of a few different sauces that’s made in smaller batches to keep it fresh.

In terms of cheese, Brozzetti’s uses a blend that’s imported directly from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Brozzetti says it’s the cheese usually gets people talking.

“We use a unique blend of cheese. It’s a frequently asked question but I can’t let the cat out of the bag,” said Brozetti.

The pizzeria started as the home of founders Freddie and Ida Brozzetti.

They decided to try their hand at making pizza, and then converted their home to a restaurant.
“I often wonder if back in the spring of 1949, when they rolled out that first batch of dough, if they realized how many families they were about to feed,” said Brozzetti.

After spending time in their custom-made rotating oven, the pizza is ready to go.

Brozzetti’s is located at 72 Baldwin Street in Johnson City.

It will soon start offering salads on the menu.