Football players assist woman with her move


JOHNSON CITY, NY – After losing her husband, 70 year-old Sherry Jacobs packed up her things and made the trip to the Southern Tier from Idaho, 4 years ago.

After living in an apartment in Endwell, Jacobs decided she wanted to move to a senior living complex, but she had a problem.

NewsChannel 34’s Jackie Gillis show us how some Windsor students provided the solution.

Sherry Jacobs has a problem with her back and walking, so she knew she wouldn’t be able to make this move alone.

Upon arriving to Greater Binghamton, Jacobs met Windsor High School Resource officer Marc Ayres and his wife, Tracy through their animal charity, Harper’s Haven Dog Rescue.

Ayres knew just who he could turn to for help, junior and football player, Christian Rogers.

“He asked me to get a few guys from the football team to help him out, so I was like ‘okay’. So, I got a few guys, Matteo and Taneli, and we went and helped her move in,” says Rogers.

Ayres, Christian and his teammates, along with Ayers’ daughter Emily, spent a Sunday moving her into her new home in Johnson City.

“They lifted everything heavy, all my furniture, boxes, everything,” says Jacobs.

The students lifted a huge burden off Jacob’s shoulders, not only by lifting the heavy objects, but they even went as far as putting together her bed and set up both T.V.’s. Jacobs says she has nothing but good things to say about Christian, Matteo and Taneli.

“They were just wonderful and fun, and they make me feel hopeful of the generation out there,” says Jacobs.

Jacobs said they had her laughing the whole time. As for Christian and his teammates, they were grateful for the opportunity.

“It was definitely the right thing to do and I had a great time doing it. So, I would definitely do it again, too,” says Rogers.

Jacobs didn’t move alone though, she brought her 3 year old companion “beagle Bailey” with her.

“We go for 3 or 4 walks a day and that keeps me going, you know cause I need that too,” says Jacobs.

Jacobs could not have asked for a better group of teens to help her out. She’s now all moved in and couldn’t be happier.

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