BERKSHIRE, NY – Today’s Food and Farm Showcase takes us to a specialty cut flower farm that’s currently between its Spring and Summer blossoms.

Two Sparrows Farm on Route 38 in Berkshire has been in business for 3 years.

Owners and growers Charles and Dana Ouellette grow a wide range of fresh flowers although their 2 mainstays are tulips in the spring, which have now all been harvested, and dahlias in the summer and fall.

They also grow snapdragons, daffodils, peonies, lilies, irises, sunflowers, Gerber daisies and Japanese chrysanthemum.

Dana says she utilizes her artistic abilities in crafting bouquets.

She loves sharing the beauty.

“When you hand a flower a flower to somebody, they almost 100% of the time totally light up. Or, when they’re walking by the stand, it’s the same thing. ‘Oh, your flowers are so beautiful,’ she says.

The Ouelettes have 9 children, many of whom assist in various ways.

After many years of traveling through the military, they were eager to settle down and establish roots.
After considering a fruit orchard, hops and blueberries, they settled on flowers.

Neither had a background in farming so they’ve largely learned through trial and error.

“Every year is different. Our first year, we were incredibly challenged by the weather. We built a one-hundred twenty foot greenhouse and the equivalent of a humpback whale’s worth of snow fell on it. I did the math. And crushed it three months after we built it,” he said.

The Ouellettes use all natural processes.

They plant aromatic herbs like basil and lavender around their flowers in order to confuse and discourage insects.

They sell bouquets and loose flowers at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market as well as the one in Ithaca.

They offer a CSA for their dahlias that has doubled in size over the past year.

Two Sparrows can also supply fresh flowers for special events.

And you can purchase their flowers and seeds and get more information at