APALACHIN, NY – Today’s edition of the Food and Farm Showcase introduces us to a popular vendor at the Regional Farmers Market who squeezes the best out of fruits and vegetables.

Juuuice Juicery opened a storefront on Route 434 in Apalachin last November.

About a year and a half ago, Cortez Campbell and his partner Blair began selling bottled cold-pressed juice blends at the Saturday Farmers Market on Upper Front Street.

The juices include combinations such as beet lemonade, apple, lemon and mint, watermelon, cucumber, apple and lime.

Campbell uses a hydraulic press with 500 pounds per square inch to extract the juice while maintaining the nutrients.

He says he wants to establish a legacy for his children.

“I feel that every time we make a bottle of juice, we’re doing it with care, so our energy is being poured into that juice, our energy is being poured into that product. So, I wanted to leave my kids behind with something where they had to do the exact same,” he said.

Campbell’s juices are all-natural, using as many organic, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients as possible.

And he says he strives to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere inside his store and at the market.

He says the taste and nutritional value make the effort worth it.

“It’s much more expensive to create cold-pressed juice. The process is much more time-consuming. It’s not watered down, there’s no additives to the product which creates that higher price point. Another challenge would be just getting people to understand that there’s a healthier option out there,” he added.

JuUuice Juicery also makes smoothie bowls, cashew milks, cleanses, wellness shots, breakfast bagels and burritos.

It’s open from 6 to 6 Monday through Friday and is at the Farmers market from 9 to 1 on Saturdays.

For more information, go to http://JuUuiceJuicery.com.