Food & Farm Showcase: JADA Hill Farm

JADA Hill Farm

Now our occasional series, the Food and Farm Showcase, takes us to Deposit where a retired couple from Westchester County just got finished with kidding.

Kidding is the term for when goats have their babies, which are referred to as kids.

JADA Hill Farm has been raising goats for 10 years and using their milk to produce soaps and body lotions.

A few years ago, they switched to raising Nigerian goats because their smaller size makes them more manageable.

Over the past couple weeks, 3 of their goats kidded, one with triplets, one with twins and the third with a single kid.

John and Dawn Alfano built their farm out of a wooded hillside.

Dawn says they’ll keep 2 female kids to assist with breeding and sell the other 4. “We sell them for different reasons.  They are registered, so we do sell them for show or breeding stock for Nigerians.  And we do sell for pets also.  People like to have backyard goats so they can supply their own milk.  Or just fun.  Instead of a dog, they have goats.  It’s become quite popular.”

The Alfanos chose to use the goats’ milk for soaps and moisturizing creams because running a dairy operation making yogurt and cheeses is more work and subject to stringent regulations.

JADA Hill has had great success recently with a variety of soap and lotions they call Goat Farts.

Dawn says, “Our bars are all the same but we rotate fragrances.  We average about 70 different fragrances in our soaps and our creams.  Our creams have honey in it also.  We also raise bees so our creams have honey and the goats milk in it.”

JADA Hill currently has 25 goats, including 4 males for breeding.

Dawn says they’re very family-friendly and visitors love to interact with them.  

And you can do so this weekend as JADA Hill participates in the Tri-County Farm Trail presented by State Senator Fred Akshar and Cornell Cooperative Extension.

It takes place tomorrow and Sunday from 10 until 4.

For a complete list of locations, go to

To purchase goat soaps and creams, visit JADA Hill Farm’s shop.

As a special gift to our viewers, we posted over 8 minutes of raw video of the baby goats or kids.

Trust me folks, it’s video gold.

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